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Viega is a German advanced engineering company that has become renowned for its revolutionary press-fit piping systems, chosen as the preferred solution for some of the world’s most important and significant buildings across the globe.

Viega innovative press-fit piping technology has made building construction and plumbing installation easier, faster and more economical. It has ensured the total reliability of water supply and the highest level of drinking water quality in some of the most demanding conditions imaginable, for sports stadiums, for hospitals, high rise office buildings, and hotels. It has proved itself in an Antarctic research station, for ships, for iconic buildings such as The Pentagon, The Statue of Liberty, Sydney Opera House, Allianz Stadium, Munich and many more.

More recently, Viega has applied the same engineering principles to new fields including pre-wall (concealed cisterns and flush plate) technology that is gathering more first-time patent applications and more design awards.

Today, the Viega name is synonymous with quality and superior technology in over fifty countries. Rest assured, we intend to extend this reputation further, with continual development, new products, and cutting-edge solutions for a wide range of applications.

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