The Benefits of Local Government Plumbing Inspectors Embracing a Mobility Platform

Plenary - Plaza Terrace Room 7 September, 2018 12:30 pm - 1:00 pm

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Eddie Denman

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Technology is a driving force for change, and mobility provides local governments with the opportunity to develop and deliver new services that provide customers with an enhanced experience. A number of local governments across Queensland have successfully transitioned their plumbing inspectors from a traditional paper based reporting framework to a new electronic paperless based platform.

Some of the benefits a mobility platform affords plumbing inspectors include;

  • Starting and finishing in the field e.g. flexible inspection times
  • Recording inspections results immediately upon completion of an inspection
  • Utilisation of electronic tablet devices to record results and collect evidence e.g. photos of installed plumbing and drainage
  • Issuing of final plumbing compliance certificate and notices immediately upon completion of inspections
  • Flexibility towards the delivery of requested inspection times.


Mobility also provides local governments with the ability to reduce operational costs linked to providing improved Work Life balance to its plumbing inspectors. This presentation will discuss the benefits mobility provides local government plumbing inspectors and their customers.


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