We’re excited to announce our second round of speakers for the Trades Industry Conference – Peter McLennan will be joining us on day 1 while Barry Hage and Colin Hester will both be joining us on day 2 of the conference. Check out their session and speaker info below:

Peter McLennan

Backflow Prevention Association of Australia

Topic: Backflow Tips for Hydraulic Designers and Installers

With the Plumbing Code of Australia requiring the use of mechanical backflow prevention devices throughout the water supply network, it is common to find installations that due to a lack of understanding by the designer and the installer that do not meet the code and may cause injury or property damage. Peter McLennan will outline the installation and hydraulic pitfalls little understood when using the RPZ valve. Click here to read more.

Barry HageBarry Hage

Hage Hydraulic Design Consultants

Topic: Latest Developments in Legionella Controls in Plumbing Systems

Legionella control in plumbing systems is without doubt, the most important consideration for Hydraulic Consultants, particularly when designing for aged and health care facilities. In this forum, we will discuss current trends as well as some of the technology becoming available in the very near future. The AHSCA LMAG sub-committee have been doing some good work in this area and will be discussing some of their preliminary findings. Click here to read more.

Colin HesterColin Hester

Queensland Urban Utilities

Topic: Trade Waste

Discussion will be around requirements surrounding trade waste, working on their infrastructure and demarcation for infrastructure on private property. Click here to read more.


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