We’re excited to announce our THIRD round of speakers for the Trades Industry Conference – Wayne Smith, Philip Halton and Campbell Yates will all be joining us on day 1 of the conference. Check out their session and speaker info below:

Wayne Smith

National Fire Industry Association

Topic: Australia: The Home of World-Leading Fire Protection. Any Hope? Or Just a Dream?

We are the contractors who work at the front line of Fire Protection in Australia. Our vision is for all Australians to be safe and secure from fire. That security should be provided by world leading fire protection systems that are designed, installed and maintained by fire protection professionals with the right skills, knowledge and qualifications. Click here to read more.

Philip Halton

Queensland Building and Construction Commission

Topic: Services Trades Councils special relationship with the QBCC

Philip’s address to the conference will cover the directions and priorities for the Queensland Building and Construction Commission and the industry, and the critical role played by the Service Trades Council in guiding the Commission’s work. Click here to read more.

Campbell Yates


Topic: There is Nothing Passive About Passive Fire Protection

Passive fire protection (PFP) is an integral component of fire protection and fire safety in a building. When installed and maintained properly, passive fire protection saves lives; but when done poorly, then lives and property are at serious risk if and when a fire breaks out. The key elements to good passive fire protection are the quality of the work and the competency of the people performing the work. Click here to read more.

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