We’re excited to announce our FOURTH round of speakers for the Trades Industry Conference – David Greenwood, Michael Howard and Paul Hewish will all be joining us on day 1 of the conference. Check out their session and speaker info below:

David Greenwood


Topic: Australia: The Future of Wet Sprinkler Systems

Since its adoption in the late 19th century, wet sprinkler systems have grown exponentially as a critical system in both commercial and residential developments around the world. Throughout the evolution of sprinkler systems, piping was joined with the only available methods at the time – welded and flanged joints for larger sized pipe and threaded on small diameter piping. Click here to read more.

Michael Howard

Tradiehack Pty Ltd

Topic: Backflow Testing App

Smart technology solutions provide an exciting opportunity for trade based industries to improve productivity. By streamlining processes and improving data management, highly repetitive and largely paper based form work, can now be processed with ease, using online technology solutions.  Click here to read more.

Paul Hewish

Oceanic Controls

Topic: Gas Regulators, Over-pressure Protection and Over-pressure Shut-Off (OPSO)

What happens if that thin piece of rubber bursts? Do you have your assets protected? What can happen to a regulator to cause a shut-down, a call-out, damage or injury? What are the different methods of protecting your system from a regulator failure? Click here to read more.

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