We’re excited to announce our first round of speakers for the Trades Industry Conference – Brett Schimming, Eddie Denman and Ian Heathwood will all be joining us on day 2 of the conference. Check out their session and speaker info below:

Eddie Denman

Logan City Council

Topic: The benefits of local government plumbing inspectors embracing a mobility platform

Technology is a driving force for change, and mobility provides local governments with the opportunity to develop and deliver new services that provide customers with an enhanced experience. A number of local governments across Queensland have successfully transitioned their plumbing inspectors from a traditional paper based reporting framework to a new electronic paperless based platform. Click here to read more.

Ian Heathwood

McKays Solicitors

Topic: How to get paid – Helpful tips on contracts and payment claims

Ian Heathwood will step you through the benefits of and reasons why you should be using proper contracts, explaining the risks you are exposed to if you don’t and how contracts can be used to improve your position both as a job progresses and if you end up in dispute. Click here to read more.

Brett Schimming

Construction Skills Queensland

Topic: What does the future of training look like for the Services Trades Industry?

Details coming soon! Click here to read more.


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